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We love working with individuals who are passionate about video games, teamwork, and gaining experience. Our current team is fewer than ten members, and everyone works remotely, so it is imperative that everyone is flexible, efficient, and diligent. Our team dynamic is casual, and team members have the freedom to design their own work schedule, excluding a few mandatory work meetings throughout the week.


Our team consists of creative individuals with limited professional experience who are interested in working in the video game industry, or in leveling up in their specific field. We are all independent contractors, and are paid mainly in experience for now, so we are all deeply passionate and committed to the project!

If you are interested in growing with us, check out the job openings below and fill out an application via our LinkedIn page.

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UE 4 Programmer

You will be responsible for:

  • Designing, developing, writing, implementing, and debugging code

  • Working with existing proprietary code

  • Building code for online server

  • Communicating with the game designer, artists, and creative director to fulfill the vision of the game