Ages of Cataria FAQ

What types of creatures live in Cataria?

Farm animals like pigs and cows roam the land, but rare animals like unicorns, turtle ducks, and even jackalopes can also be found!

Will Agesof Cataria have expansions?

Yes! Plans for the future expansions of the game include additional story acts, new village items, and cosmetic items for villagers.

Are there any paywalls?

Ages of Cataria will not have any paywalls or ads. When you buy the game, you get the whole game.

Where can I buy Ages of Cataria merchandise?

Merch is on its way! 3D-printed keychains and stickers will make their debuts as Kickstarter rewards!

What platform will Ages of Cataria be on?

Currently, the game is being made for PC only.

What languages are your games available in?

Ages of Cataria is being written in English (US).

Third Pie Studios FAQ

Where does the name "Third Pie Studios" come from?

Alex McCord originally wanted to name the company "Third Eye Studios" on account of the third eye traditionally being linked to imagination. In an effort to set us apart from other companies of similar names, Nicole and Alex were spit-balling funky combinations and rhymes and landed on one that stuck!

What inspired you to start the company?

Alex McCord and Nicole Gabriel pursued employment with a number of game dev companies in the area (Epic Games, Squanch Games, Red Storm, etc.), but landed nary an interview on account of the zero experience in the field, and the job scarcity due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Thusly, Third Pie Studios was borne. The purpose of the company is two-fold: to create deep and enchanting games, and generate opportunities for creatives like us to level up their skills.

What's it like to work at Third Pie Studios?

Our teammates describe TPS as a fun and open environment. We want everyone on the team to feel that they own every part of this game, and we encourage everyone on the team to try out new skills or projects they are curious about. 

How can I apply to work with TPS?

Check out our open positions here. If you think you're a fit, find us on LinkedIn and submit your application. Leave us a follow on LinkedIn or subscribe to our website for any updates on job openings!

How can I be involved?

Outside of working directly with our company, there are several ways you can contribute: donate to our Kickstarter, follow us on social media and comment or share our posts, comment on our blog, or subscribe to our mailing list!

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