Colonies of Cataria FAQ

What platform will Colonies of Cataria be on?

Currently, the game is being made for PC only.

What languages are your games available in?

Colonies of Cataria is being written in English (US).

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Third Pie Studios FAQ

Where does the name "Third Pie Studios" come from?

Alex McCord originally wanted to name the company "Third Eye Studios" on account of the third eye traditionally being linked to imagination. In an effort to set us apart from other companies of similar names, Nicole and Alex were spit-balling funky combinations and landed on the one that stuck!

How can I apply to work with TPS?

Check out our open positions here. If you think you're a fit, find us on LinkedIn and submit your application. Leave us a follow on LinkedIn or join our website email subscription for any updates on job openings!

How can I be involved?

Outside of working directly with our company, there are several ways you can contribute: donate to our Kickstarter, follow us on social media and comment or share our posts, comment on our blog, or subscribe to our mailing list!