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Updated: Sep 21

Welcome to our first Development blog for Ages of Cataria!

What is Ages of Cataria? It’s a colony simulation game begging to be made. Player choice and customization are key to making your colony feel alive and real.

There is great depth to Cataria. We want players to learn about themselves through the difficult decisions they might have to make. Two villagers out adventuring get stuck in a cave while a blizzard rages outside and there’s only enough food for 1 day? Who gets the rations? Is there another way through this?

A growing town will have numerous stories to tell!

Yet rain brings rainbows. Not everything is a tragedy, colonists will be celebrating birthdays, marriages, and good harvests. Every dark decision you make will be surrounded by this enchanting environment.

Ages of Cataria is a marathon game, where time passes differently than other colony sim games. We want to emphasize patience, so there will be no pay-to-win features. Building takes time to complete, but don’t worry: nothing will take longer than a few days. The only way to speed up construction is through managing your resources and citizens.

There are going to be a LOT more development diaries because we want your feedback and to keep you connected to the game. Some of the future topics we will cover in detail are...

  • Story! Manage your colony your way. At Third Pie Studios, we are committed to giving the player as many decisions as possible so that you truly feel that your town’s story is unique and not a copy-paste experience that another player is having. Spontaneous events will occur related to factors such as monsters, weather, wildlife, neighbors, and colonists.

  • Multiplayer. You aren’t the only settlers in Cataria. Trade, Steal and connect with other players in the world of Cataria. Resources are key to surviving in the Cataria, and sometimes you just won’t have what you need when you need it so trading with others, or stealing, will be your way to survive.

  • Passage of Time. Ages of Cataria has a unique system where your colonist will grow up in your town and eventually pass away. Families will develop and you’ll be able to watch generations live or see them tragically fade away.

  • Unique Ancestry. We refer to “races” as ancestries since you will have many descendants. Currently, we have plans to start the game off with two unique ancestries, Humans and Elves. Each you can play your own way, but will also have unique needs of their own. Depending on future funding, we would love to add other ancestries: Lizards and Undead.

  • Management and construction. Construct your village your way. Want to become the stone-mining monopoly? Hoarding wood for an intense winter? There will be around 20 unique buildings for you to construct along with other cosmetics to beautify your town. Your town will populate with loads of animals that you collect along your play.

A Simple Human colony living its best life.

This game can only be made through successful crowdfunding. If you’re looking to support us, you can follow our Kickstarter prelaunch page here!

Here’s our roadmap for our expected launch milestones. Of course, we aren’t perfect but we will strive to meet these dates with all our hearts!

That’s it for this development blog! We look forward to the next one, and invite you to send any suggestions our way!

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