Meet the Team: Ashley Rivardo

Updated: Sep 22

What’s your role on the Third Pie Studios (TPS) team and what all does this entail?

I am the 2D Generalist/Concept Artist. That means that I develop concept art for the game such as designing buildings, props, and animals! And generalist just means I illustrate whatever is needed at that moment in time, like Kickstarter art and the team avatars.

What interested you in game development?

I’ve always been interested in the beginning stages of animation & games! I am very passionate about storytelling and world building, so being involved in the conceptualizing stages is a dream come true. I get to decide what designs best fit the narrative, and developing the look of the game is so much fun.

What are your favorite video games, and why?

Jedi: Fallen Order, Firewatch, and Spider-Man! I love narrative and creative world building, and getting to explore, collect, and keypad smash my way through battles, lol.

If you could be any video game character (past, present, or future) who would you be? I get compared to Mario a lot because I’m short and Italian lol but I like Toad better.

What are your favorite non-gaming things to do?

My life revolves around games and art! When I’m not drawing I like to bake, play piano, go to the gym, find the best oat milk lattes around town, and watch movies with my dog Teddy 🙂.

What about Ages of Cataria are you most excited about?

I am most excited to see everyone’s work come together in a beautiful and cohesive manner. I’m also excited for the text based adventure, because our story and plotlines are so interesting! And I can’t wait to see the cute animals running around, haha.

Beyond TPS, where can we find you?

My portfolio ( has my best work, and I am also on Instagram and TikTok (@arivarillustration) and Twitter (@arivar_illu).

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