Meet the Team: J.P. Pressley

Updated: Sep 22

What's your role on the Third Pie Studios (TPS) team and what all does this entail?

What's good? As noted in the title, I'm J.P. Pressley. (Can you imagine if I wasn't though, and someone else was writing this for me? Just a thought...) I'm TPS' Social Media and Marketing Manager. Which means, you guessed it, I handle all things social media and marketing. More specifically though, I spend time with co-founders Alex and Nicole in order to determine company goals, then create and implement various marketing strategies designed to help bring them to fruition.

I also serve as a source of entertainment. At least I like to believe I do.

What interested you in game development? To be honest, I was less interested in game development in particular and more curious about the video game industry at large. Between e-sports, streaming, VR, and more, I believe the industry will continue to rise and rise rapidly for the foreseeable. So...I wanted to learn more about it now. And what better way to do that than to get involved now, and to get involved in the development aspect necessary for all other aspects to exist?

What are your favorite video games, and why?

Okay, not going to lie, I don't really play video games. I don't own a recent Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, none of that. The only console I have is the Xbox 360 my younger brothers gifted me for my birthday last year, after even mfy mom had been pushing me to get something. (Do you know how not into video games you have to be for your mom to want you to play?) That being said...I have fond memories of the games I'd play as a kid and teen, both at home, friends houses, and on basketball tournaments.

Freshman year of college. I'm #2 ;)

Some of favorite video games of all time are, NBA Street Vol. 2 (on the PS2), NBA 2K14, Madden 10, and NFL Street 3. And if you say "no sports," then I'd have to go with Marvel vs Capcom 3, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Clash of Clans, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

But...NBA Street Vol. 2 (again, on the PS2) is the best video game of all time. Bar none.

What about Ages of Cataria are you most excited about?

That folks die! Okay, not necessarily that they die, but that time actually passes. Kids grow to adults, adults grow to old folk, and old should I put it...they age out of life. And all the while this is happening, the seasons change too! To me, that grounds this fantasy RPG game with a bit of reality that I can't say is common.

What are your favorite non-gaming things to do?

Read, sleep, fall asleep reading, watch movies (both at home and at theaters...that AMC Subs A-List is a steal) and sport, play basketball—you know, the things people say they're going to do on vacation yet somehow never do. More than any of these though, I write. Every single day since February 1, 2018. (Don't believe me? Follow me and you'll see for yourself. Follow me where, you ask? Ah, look at that beautiful segue!)

Beyond TPS, where can we find you?

You can find me across social media (predominantly Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) @iamjpressley. Additionally, you can learn more about me what all I'm involved with at my website ( and at The Young & Rising (

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