Tips for Applying to Game Dev Jobs

Updated: Sep 22

One of our foundational goals at Third Pie Studios is to create a space where people can expand their skills and experience to become game development professionals. Whether you will decide to work with our team or not, we want to provide the opportunity for everyone to win! So here are some tips when applying for game development jobs:

  1. Make your portfolio accessible! This is the number one reason people are rejected for artistic and programming roles. We receive a few resumes with portfolios in strange locations like at the bottom or mixed into the middle somewhere. We receive a few many resumes with a link to the portfolio that can't be clicked on, and in worse cases, can't even be copy-and-pasted. The absolute worst offenders are resumes with no link to the portfolio at all! Because we are a small startup, I will go in to look for a portfolio link on the LinkedIn page, but many companies will not do this. SO: Put your portfolio on the top of your resume, as close to your name as possible. Make it visible, and if possible, make it a hyperlink so it is easily accessible. And always add the link to your LinkedIn as well. Don't forget to make sure it works!

  2. Be on time! Being on time is such a valuable asset in any relationship. It is a key indicator of integrity -- a person's relationship with their word. Whether you're showing up to an interview, submitting an art test, or just following up, be on time. And yes, things come up in life that we have no control over. When something gets in the way of your being your word, communicate about it and renegotiate. This single tip will support you in so many areas of your life if you can begin to notice where you don't uphold your word with others and with yourself.

  3. Be yourself! And show yourself. You are an individual with unique perspectives and traits. What makes someone a good fit for a job is having the right resume and level of experience; what makes someone a great fit for a job is when they have the right temperament. That temperament can be field-specific or company specific, but nine times out of ten, the right temperament has to do with how confident and open an individual is. Great business is built from great relationships, and great relationships are built on trust. Begin to open yourself up and notice the opportunities that open up to you.

  4. Stay hungry! Always follow the companies you want to work for on social media. That way, you will be notified when they post a job you can apply for. Whenever you aren't applying, you can spend your time improving your skills with personal projects, DTIYS, competitions, etc. The best way to manifest something is to live as if it is already so. For us, that meant starting our own company so we could work in this field. For you, it might mean working 7 or 8 hours a day as if you already are a full-time employee. Practice your craft, challenge yourself, and ask for feedback. The only way to grow is by failing, so embrace the opportunities that don't work out, and learn from them!

We may update this post as we continue to learn and grow as game developers! Please comment any of your own insights, or ah-hah moments you had from this post. Happy hunting!

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