Ages of Cataria is a multiplayer colony sim game and narrative RPG.


In Cataria, you can build your colony from the ground up, connect with other player colonies through raiding and trading, and explore the mysterious land through text-based adventures.


Care for your villagers as they age from babies to adults to elders, gaining character traits and scars along the way. 


  • Choose to play as one of two unique ancestries: Humans or Elves. Each ancestry has unique buildings, characters, and gameplay bonuses.

  • Building: each ancestry has over 23 different building types and multiple upgrade options. The game is without pay walls, so buildings take real time to build. 

  • Multiplayer trading and raiding: Raid or trade with other player colonies. Play online with your friends, create new friends, or play in single-player mode.

  • Characters' stories: Characters will be born and eventually die in Cataria, which means that they also accumulate unique stories and family trees over the course of your game.

  • Quests: Play through text-based adventures to learn about what's going on in this world of wonders. You get to decide how your story will play out!


Creating Ages of Cataria was a childhood dream for creative director Alex McCord. McCord always loved playing city-builders on his PC, and was passionate about building a game that was accessible to the point that even his own mom could play. As he aged, McCord developed a passion for story-telling through creative writing, and so his vision expanded to include text-based adventures.

During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, McCord and his partner, Nicole Gabriel, were searching for roles in video game development to fulfill their passion for the arts and teamwork, but having literally no experience in the industry, and being in the middle of a massive job scarcity, they were unable to find a team interested in bringing them on. So, the two decided to make their own experience, and thusly, Third Pie Studios was born, and development on Ages of Cataria began. 




Creative Director: Alex McCord

Producer: Nicole Gabriel

Game Designer: Zack Pullen

2D Artists: Ashley Rivardo and Faustine Lin

3D Artists: Sam Hall and Eduardo Robert

Animator: Emily Opel
UX Designer: Hadyn Hawkins

Composer: Jason Gabriel

Social Media and Marketing: Abigail Leow and Gavin Blurr


General Inquiries

Nicole Gabriel, COO

Alex McCord, CEO