About Us

Hi! We are Third Pie Studios! We strive to make games with depth that are accessible for all ages. We are currently working on our first game, 


Ages of Cataria!


We are committed to creating imagination, connection, excitement, and self-discovery. Our mission is to create a quality experience that inspires growth.


Ashley Rivardo

2D Environmental Artist

Ashley is a visual development artist and character designer with a passion for fun colors and storytelling! She knows all about design principles, shape language, and how to continue improving herself through challenges. Most importantly, she loves working with creative people and finding new friends to grow with, and to talk about animation, cute animals, and anything related to Star Wars/Spider-Man!

Eduardo Robert

3D Environmental Artist

Eduardo Robert is a 3D artist who is always working to earn his start in the game industry. Graduating from George Mason’s Computer Game Design program, Eduardo spent much of his time inside and outside of class pushing his 3D art skills to the next level. He enjoys spending time learning new workflows and techniques he can apply to his art. Besides 3D art, Eduardo enjoys spending his free time either playing videogames or watching movies with friends.

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Faustine Lin

2D Artist (Characters, UI, Environments)

Faustine is an artist who majored in Illustration and has been fascinated with art and games ever since she was young. Her interest in the gaming/entertainment industry pushes her to improve her artistic skills in hopes that she can help create amazing artwork for video games that will reach out and impact many people of all ages. Besides drawing and video games, her other favorite things in life include sharks, aliens, and shopping! On the days that you won't see her drawing, you can probably catch her online playing League of Legends.

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Sam Hall

3D Character Artist, Technical Art Lead

Sam is an enthusiastic Team Player with a passion for problem solving, specializing in 3D Character Development. She is a workhorse that strives for excellence, integrity, and innovation, while pushing her limits as a game artist, life-long learner, and teammate. In short, Sam is a game enthusiast with a coffee addiction and some very, very good friends.  She is honored to be working alongside her TPS team.

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Emily Opel

Animator and Rigger

Emily is a 3D Animator who loves entertaining others through her work. Whether through silly clips, or heart-wrenching stories, she strives to create compelling games that will captivate and inspire players everywhere. A teamplayer, she enjoys meeting and working alongside artists to grow and create fantastic projects together. When she’s not animating, Emily loves listening to podcasts, playing video games with friends, watching anime, and singing along to Broadway soundtracks.

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Zack Pullen

Game Designer

Zack is a game designer with specializations in level and narrative design. Storytelling has always been a passion of his and he strives to use game design to tell stories through a combination of mechanics, levels, and narrative strings. He tackles challenges thrown at him head on and is always seeking ways to improve as both a designer and a person. Other than game design, Zack loves skiing, listening to music, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends.

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Abigail Leow

Social Media and Marketing Manager

Abigail is an artist with a passion for painting, writing, and more or less any medium she can get her hands on. At Third Pie Studios, though, she lets her interest (and soon-to-be-acquired degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) in advertising take the stage. Her focuses in the field are design, branding, and copywriting. Outside of her life in art and advertising, she spends her time binging shows, playing games, and pretending everyday is Halloween.

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Suhaib Asaad

Foundational Programmer

Suhaib currently lives in the United Arab Emirates and has been developing games for a year now. He works on everything from importing the art into the game, programming the gameplay, and creating the servers. He enjoys working on games but he also enjoys playing games and watching streamers play games just as much. He is always excited to show his work and receive feedback.

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Alex McCord

CEO, Director, Designer

Alex founded Third Pie Studios to bring together a team to create a singular vision: a fun game. Alex is passionate about creation and turning visions into reality. He has been crafting stories on multiple platforms for years, and now turns to video games for story telling. Alex wears many hats but crafting the story and lore behind Cataria has been his biggest delight so far.

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Nicole Gabriel

COO, Producer, Project Manager

Nicole loves to work with teams of people to be creative and make impactful art. Having studied theatre, music, and art history, she discovered a new creative passion in video games by watching Alex play games like Uncharted and The Last of Us. Perfectly balanced as all things should be, Nicole loves to marry her analytical side with her visionary side in her roles at TPS. Outside of work, Nicole loves science-fiction, food, metaphysics (ontology and phenomenology, especially), and clouds.

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